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77 Central Ave, Suite D , Asheville, NC
Asheville, NC, 28801
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Sterling Real Estate Partners

Sterling Real Estate partners is a high-end boutique firm in Western North Carolina. We are the new industry standard. Our mission is to give you the Sterling Standard: a world-class real estate service that delivers results. We wholly commit ourselves to unparalleled reliability, unwavering ethics, first-rate professionalism, innovative technology driven service, and steadfast commitment to your goals

We are a locally grown company, not a franchise. Which means our focus isn't bottom-line profit driven and we put you first. So, rest assured that we will spare no expense to help you reach your real estate goals - We are 100% committed to delivering excellent value and happiness to our clients and our community. When you work with Sterling, you get superior customer service, specialized brokers, and our ground-breaking technology driven service.

Each of our Brokers were thoughtfully hand-picked based on merits of unshakeable integrity, profound client loyalty, and specialized areas of expertise to ensure you always have the right agent for the right job at the right time.

Sterling's founder, Brian Deacon, noticed a glaring weakness in today's real estate firms - the absence of a system to keep agents on track with their client's property data and transactions. This weakness resulted in a lack of information, low communication, and an unsatisfied customer experience. Brian and his team resolved to fix this issue. After three tasking years of putting his 20+ years of software development knowledge to work and combining it with his decade of real estate experience, Brian finished pioneering LiveWire Solutions - A state of the art system that gives real estate agents instant access to data on their clients property transactions and much more.

We're ahead of the game at Sterling and every one of our brokers takes full advantage of this by utilizing our state-or-the-art technologies and software to give you real time data and give your property an edge in today's real estate market.

Sterling was built from the roots up with customer driven focus, resolute ethics and cutting edge technologies,so we can provide you with the Sterling Standard. But the Sterling Standard isn't just words on paper. It's something you feel in the pit of your stomach. A 5-star experience that leaves you wanting to tell everyone.

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  Reviews of Sterling Real Estate Partners

  • Jennifer Gage

    5 of 5

    After listing a “make me move” price on, we were contacted by  Sterling Real Estate Partners about listing our home in Hendersonville. At  first we were a bit skeptical, I mean, they basically did a “cold call,”  and while it did take us some time before we were ready to list, we are so happy that they reached out to us and that we listed and sold our home through Sterling Real Estate Partners. Our agent was professional, courteous, friendly  and always accessible throughout the entire process. Being techies ourselves,  we loved that Sterling Real Estate Partners is so tech-oriented. Whether you are  buying or selling in the Hendersonville or surrounding area, we highly recommend contacting Sterling Real Estate Partners

  • Kelly Brademan

    5 of 5

    Excellent doesn’t even begin to describe the experience we had with everyone at  Sterling Real Estate Partners! Our listing agent did an amazing job helping us through  the sale of our first home. And she even got us a full price offer! Abby, the  contract to close coordinator, made the whole process smooth and enjoyable! Don’t look  anywhere else for a real estate agency...choose Sterling Real Estate Partners and I  promise you will not regret it.

  • Tom Gimbel

    5 of 5

    Imagine the very best experience you can have with a real estate company as a “10.” Working  with Sterling Real Estate Partners would be a “15”. They take the experience of buying or  selling, a property (and I’ve done both) to an entirely new level of service and expertise.  Sterling Real Estate Partners understands how houses are bought and sold...i.e., it’s more  than just putting a sign in the yard. From staging, to social media, to search engine  optimization - they get the modern real estate market. And...they understand the human  side of the process as well. Whatever stresses you have as a seller or buyer are  understood, addressed, and removed. Great service and great people!

  • Beth Albrecht

    5 of 5

    We had previously had some trouble selling our house with another agency and decided  to have some work done and put back on the market with Sterling Real Estate Partners.  They were extremely helpful with getting our vacant house looking sharp and ready to  show, it only was shown for one weekend before we had a full price offer which we  accepted. (After having it listed for over 6 months with the other brokerage!)  We were thrilled to have it sell so quickly after all the work and trouble we’d had before.  The team was able to move us swiftly through the closing process despite the fact that we have already relocated to Raleigh. I would definitely recommend Sterling Real Estate  Partners to anyone buying or selling in the Asheville area.

  • Randy Snyder

    5 of 5

    The best team in real estate

  • Brad Sorrenson

    5 of 5

    Brian was great to work with. The team at Sterling Real Estate Partners went above and beyond.

  • Frank Stahul

    5 of 5

    The process of buying our home in the Oakley area with the help of Brian and Jane and the team at Sterling Real Estate Partners was smooth and a pleasant experience. We really love our new home.

  • Dr Heath

    5 of 5

    Absolutely the best home experience I have ever had! Brian was awesome to work with and was extremely insightful on how to market my hard to sell home.

  • Beth Kimmel

    5 of 5

    I've used my good friend Jane Ward at Sterling Real Estate Partners probably ten times over the last 5 or 6 years for Real Estate purchases. She knows her stuff and the office is excellent at providing the support to get the job done.

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